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When Amy Corey was adopted from DaNang, Vietnam, she was given a chance at a life larger than she could ever imagine. Amy has survived the storms that life has thrown at her and is thriving in spite of them. Amy has taken her sufferings and turned them into motivation to launch her to success. Having established herself as a country music recording artist with a lengthy resume, we’d say she’s certainly on her way.

At 22 years old, Amy Corey is becoming the “Face of Internationalism” as she climbs to the top of the world as a Recording Artist, Songwriter, Public Speaker, and Mental Health Advocate. With her story of hard times and suffering as her power, and her ambition to make a difference in the world as her passion. Amy’s message has hit recognition not only in the music industry and with songwriters who have written for Blake Shelton, Kenny Chesney, James Arthur, Dolly Parton, James Bay and more, but has grown a fanbase by not only fans around the world but with big names throughout industries including, Gary Vee, Andy Wilman, Dolly Parton, Dr. Oz, and more, and she’s just getting started.

In 2018 Amy released her first single “Stay Fierce”, an anthem that was the perfect presentation of Amy’s songwriting skills, vocals, and passion to make a difference in the world with her powerful story. It led her to sign to an Artist Development deal with Grammy-nominated producer Kent Wells, which turned into a management deal in November of 2018.

Appearing in magazines, radio, and tv including Balcony TV Nashville and Today in Nashville, Amy has been noted as not only “one to watch” but “one to watch to make a difference”. In January of 2019, Amy announced that she is now the newest Holt International Ambassador for orphans and vulnerable children around the world. Though Amy was not adopted through Holt, Holt has always been a part of her life as she went to their adoptee camp for over a decade.

“Holt was such a big part of my life as I was growing up, and to now be able to give back and have them be a part of my career and my life is one of the biggest honors... I am so blessed to be a voice for these kids and adoptees... I take this role very seriously and I am so excited to see where this leads...”

“I am very honest and open about everything in my life. I think it is the biggest honor and privilege to be able to write, sing and tell my story. So, I’m taking full advantage of that and I hope I can be there for anyone who has been through or is currently going through things I went through such as self-harm, addiction, depression, eating disorders, loss, adoption, & heartbreak... I had to be my own hero growing up and even though it got me here, I never want anyone else to have to go through that alone... I hope my story and music can be there for anyone who feels like they aren’t understood… I understand the worst of the worst but I choose to see the best of the best. And after everything, if someone like me can make it out, ANYONE can...”