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Copy of Public Speaking

If I survived through it all, anyone can, YOU can..

Survivor and Speaker Of :

I hope my story and music can be there for anyone who feels like they are misunderstood… I understand the worst of the worst but I choose to see the best of the best. And after everything, if someone like me can make it out, ANYONE can...”
— Amy Corey
  • Adoption

  • Bullying

  • Suicide

  • Depression

  • Self-harm addiction

  • Eating disorder

  • Family loss


Amy’s honesty and understanding in her music, writing and speaking has made her not only “One to watch” BUT “One to make a difference”

Christine Winslow


“Amy Corey may only be a few years out of high school, but she has acquired an impressive amount of insight and wisdom in these four years since she left little Ashland, Oregon to pursue a music career.  She has come back two years in a row (and hopefully many more to come) and given many hours and several days of her time to talk to all of the Seniors at Ashland High School about her experiences in the "real world." Her ability to be open and honest about her own, sometimes challenging, past is an inspiration to those who hear her speak.  Thank you, Amy, for all that you have shared with our students and teachers.”  

- Amanda McGrew (Ashland High School Teacher)

“Over the past two years, I have had the pleasure of Amy Corey guest speaking and performing in my ninth grade Wellness classes at Ashland High School in Ashland Oregon.  Amy is an engaging speaker who’s experiences offer an exciting learning experience for students. 

Amy addresses many topics that are a part of our State Standards here in Oregon regarding mental health.  Suicide prevention, stress management, and coping strategies.  These first hand accounts model what a real life situation can look like, how to navigate through, and what resources are available. 

Our community is a thriving place for those who are interested in the arts.  Many of our students excel in music, acting, and dancing.  The opportunity that Amy gives students to ask questions in regards to the music industry is so valuable.  Students often ask questions regarding, performing, finances, social media, song writing, and so much more.  Her valuable insight models the hard work needed to be successful. 

Amy Corey is a guest speaker that shares her story with passion and confidence.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in offering their students the opportunity to learn from someone with recent experience.  Inspiring students to not give up on their dreams despite battles they may face is something I wish everyone could hear more of these day.”

- Carolyn Stone (Ashland High School Teacher)


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